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Hoogle is the driving force behind HooDollars and HooBanks.
Helping to unite neighborhoods and stimulate local economic development.



HooDollars is where it all begins.
Advertise your business, help the neighborhood, and get new customers.

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At HooBanks you can join the movement and
start accepting and issuing HooDollars at your business.

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Helping businesses build relationships with customers in the neighborhood and around the world.

The Universal Currency

Engage Your Customers

A new and fun way to advertise to customers. Give them reward currency good wherever HooDollars are accepted.

Permanent Advertising

Every HooDollar you receive from us will have your branding and business information on it. As long as it is in circulation you are advertising.

Help The Neighborhood

Any HooDollar is accepted at any participating business, even your own branded HooDollars.

Customers Will Find You

Other businesses will pass out HooDollars with your brand and business information on them, thus raising awareness of your business.